2019 Fertilizer Prices Much Higher Than 2018

Bismarck – With most farmers already behind the eight ball due to the long winter and wet start to spring, they now have one more thing to deal with…high fertilizer prices.

The NDSU Extension Service says Fertilizer prices across the board are up significantly up over the past few years.

Last year farmers paid around $365 per ton for their fertilizer, this year that number has jumped to nearly $420 per ton.

The news is especially tough as the U.S Department of Agriculture expects an increase of nearly 1-million acres of corn across the state.

That ups the demand for nitrogen — making this one of those years where demand is outpacing the supply of certain products.

“We’re seeing that fertilizer prices, specifically Nitrogen, Urea, they’re really high compared to the last four years, I think it’s the highest it’s been in four years and this is tough coming from a year where we are experiencing some relatively low commodity prices and some razor-thin margins”, said Beth Burdolski: NDSU Extension Agent.

To avoid this, farmers are urged to pre-price their fertilizer in the late fall or winter, that’s when prices are at their lowest and growers can save the most money.

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