2nd Graders learn about Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s not a regular Monday for Mrs. Bruns second grade class.

“We all have a dream on how we want to change the world with and we’re writing it down on a paper,” said 2nd Grader Luke Larson.

Their dreams were carefully thought out. 

“My dream was for to make this world a better place to live,” said 2nd Grader Piper Feller. 

“For everyone to believe in what they want,” said 2nd Grader Luke Richardson. 

All dreams inspired by the person we celebrate today- Martin Luther King Jr. 

“With it being second grade we kind of had to dial it down a little bit. It is a lot information a lot of big words like segregation, and assassination and things like that which we talked about, and they all seemed to really enjoy it”.

She knows that sharing this message is important. 

Do you know who Martin Luther King Jr. is?

“He’s a black man and he changed the world so white can be with black,” said Larson. 

Why do you think that’s important?

“So that everyone’s life is fair,” said Feller. 

After today, not only does her class know about Martin Luther King Jr, they will also go home with why it’s important to keep his legacy alive. 

“So that you can learn more and then maybe you can have a dream that will also change the world,” said Larson. 

Not bad coming from a second grader. 

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