3D Printer Will Soon Be Accessible To Teens

3D Printer_1516058786398.jpg.jpg

The third try was the charm for the Minot Public Library getting a brand new 3D printer.

Best Buy gave the library a $4,300 grant for the 3D printer along with a scanner, laptop computer, and training for the staff members.

The printer can create items that are about fives inches long and wide.

For example, they were able to make an Ipad cord protector so that it doesn’t wear out.

The teen librarian says that this will allow people to expand their technology minds and create practical and recreational items.

“Some kids are interested in doing key chains, so always a good thing to identify your keys. I would be interested in making name tags for the library,” said Pam Carswell, Teen Librarian.

The Minot Public Library will be offering a 3D printing program for teens in March.

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