49th Annual Crop Walk helps North Dakotans struggling with hunger

Over 55,000 people struggle with hunger in North Dakota alone. The Bismarck Crop Hunger Walk is trying to help with that problem. People all over North Dakota are struggling with hunger and the amount is rapidly growing.
“The need is always increasing and unfortunately people that we don’t always know about or see on the streets but the need is great,” says Crop Walk for Hunger Chairman, Allison Germolus.
Here’s a break down of what hunger looks like in North Dakota: 1 in 13 people struggle with hunger, 1 in 11 children struggle with hunger, and people in North Dakota are estimated to report needing over 29-million dollars to meet their food needs.
The 49th Annual Crop Walk event raises money to help people throughout North Dakota who are in need of food.
We raise money here and 25 percent of the money stays here in Bismarck and benefits the Adult Abuse Center, Ruth Meiers Hospitality House, The Bismarck Emergency Food Pantry, and AID Incorporated,” says Germolus. 
The remaining money goes to CWS where they divide it up and give it people who establish independent ways to grow their own crops, their own money, safe drinking water, and disaster relief programs.
Executive Director at AID Incorporated, Patti Regan, says she has seen first hand of people struggling in the area from hunger.
“We had a woman come in from a rural area and she was so weak because she only get’s $16 a month in food stamps. She was so weak we had to help her into the agency and sat her down and gave her a snack and some water and then literally gave her a cart full of food and had to put it in her car for her because she was so weak from hunger,” says Regan.
The Crop Walk is hoping to raise at least 15 thousand dollars this year to fight the battle of hunger. In 2017 The Crop Hunger Walk Project nationally raised 9 million dollars…set up 900 walks…and had over 100-thousand participants.
Germolus and Regan both encourage people to donate or volunteer at any of their organizations.

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