5-year-old recovering from bear attack


Grand Junction, CO – A 5-year-old girl from Orchard Mesa is recovering from a bear attack that happened early Sunday morning.

Kimberly Cyr received more than 70 stitches after a bear grabbed her from her yard around 2:30 Sunday morning. The girl’s mother says she went outside after hearing a noise and thought it was the family dog.

The mom said she heard screaming and went outside to see the bear trying to drag away her daughter.

She began shouting at the bear, which dropped Kimberly and ran away.

Kimberly was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital. At a news conference Sunday evening, doctors said she was in fair condition and doing well.

“Fortunately, she had no life-threatening injuries,” said St. Mary’s pediatric surgeon Dr. Charles Breaux, Jr. “These were injuries to her skin, on her back side.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is searching for the bear, setting traps, and using hound dogs.

“When this bear is found, it will be put down,”  said CPW spokesperson Mike Porras.

UPDATE: Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers killed a bear overnight, believed to have been the bear responsible for injuring the young girl in an early Sunday morning attack in East Orchard Mesa.

KREX 5 News found out at least one other person in the area may have had an encounter with the bear.

Shawn Pinnt discovered several of his chickens had been killed after an animal tore through the fencing around his chicken coop. He thought it was a mountain lion, but a CPW camera set up in his yard after the incident caught a picture of a bear wandering in the area.

Kimberly is expected to be released from the hospital in a few days.

“She’s been the calmest person in the room all day,” said Dr. Breaux. “She’s in very good spirits and her family is in good spirits, too. They’re thankful she wasn’t injured worse than she was.”

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