76 years of educating together

While it may be the last week of school for some students in our region — it’s also the final week for two long time educators.

“38 times two I guess so 76 years combined,” said mathematics teacher Doug Wagner.

That’s how long Mr. and Mrs.. Wagner have worked alongside each other at The Des-Lacs Burlington Public Schools.

“It just made sense I guess our goal was to be a family together and to work together,” said school counselor Diane Wagner.

After almost four decades the married couple will be retiring at the end of this week.

“I always say Doug and I have grown up together –we started together and we finished together and we’re looking forward to new adventures together,” said Diane.

Mrs.. Wagner taught for 23 years and has been a school counselor for the last 15 years.

“The whole cliche is I just love kids which I do,” said Dianne.

Just a few minutes away Mr.. Wagner teaches 11th and 12th graders a necessary life tool … Math.

“A lot of people wonder when their ever going to have to use this well I tell my students the only people who are never going to use math are those who are never going to think,” sad Doug.

The couple even had their children as their own students at one point.

“Sometimes it was neat for the kids as well but I suppose there was some added pressure sitting in dads class or moms class perhaps but we think it went really well,” said Doug.

Both say working together has only made them stronger … A power couple one might say.

“Everyday I’m really happy that he’s there and he’s just so supportive,” said Diane.

“Even though I’m a high school teacher she’s an elementary teacher we understand what each other goes through,” said Doug.

He adds it’s a bitter sweet feeling knowing next week it will all change, but Mr.. And Mrs. Wagner are ready for the next adventure…together.

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