85 Year Old Will Be Donating Her Last Quilt

Some may say sewing is a lost art.

But one 85 year old woman is keeping it alive one quilt at a time.

Maggie Mack loves to sew. So much that she’ll climb her stairs just to get to her sewing machine to make another creation.

“I would make quilts for my kids, and my god children, now it’s the grandkids and the great grand kids,” said Magdaline (Maggie) Mack, Quilter.

Maggie likes the basics. Every time she makes a quilt, she doesn’t run to the store to buy new fabric. Instead she uses her scraps from other projects.

“I use left over fabric from the sewing I did for 9 kids,” said Mack.

She describes making quilts as her favorite past time.

“The cattle keep me company,” said Mack.

After all these years her quilts have made it into many homes.

“I like to do it. I like to piece,” said Mack.

For the past 21 years, Maggie’s been making quilts. She does it on her own time and she gives them back to the community. This is going to be her very last one or so she says.

“It got to be my job for 21 years,” said Mack.

She donated her quilts back to her church for an annual raffle. Her quilts are known as the big ticket item and so many people were excited to win her quilt especially those that are close to her.

“I guess I was just excited to win because it was my mom’s,” said Tina Telehey, Maggie’s Daughter.

Even though this quilt might be her last to give away she says she’ll be sewing for some time.

“She will continue to make quilts because she has fabric to do so,” said Telehey.

“I’m still not going to quit sewing I mean as long as I do that and climb up the stairs I’ll still be doing that,” said Mack.

Her last quilt will be raffled off this fall in Karlsruhe to support her church.

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