9/11 Never Forget Exhibit

If you were driving down Broadway this afternoon you may have come across a bit of a traffic jam…

that’s because a 9/11 mobile exhibit was being escorted to the fairgrounds. 

“To have a memorial to that come to our community I think is a great honor we obviously need to honor those people and the sacrifices they made,” said Ward County Sheriff Robert Barnard.

The exhibit travels across the country, but this summer it’s made it’s way to Minot. 

“We look at it as we bring a part of New York to the area to the different areas especially some areas where people might not have the opportunity to go see the museum go see where the towers stood or to go actually see the new museum which is open,” said driver Billy Puckett.

The mobile exhibit’s goal is to educate everyone about the devastating events that happened on September 11. 

“We have artifacts and some relics from the 9/11 attack that day we also have some information about our foundation about what Stephan did which was incredible and we also talk about what we do with out donations,” said Puckett.

Stephan Siller was one of many first responders who lost his life that day but his family choose to honor him by starting the tunnel to tower foundation which helps fallen first responders and veterans

“I think people should come and see us –we give guided tours for the exhibit,” said Puckett.

Austin Burns now a captain with the Minot Fire Department remembers the day all to well. 

“Little did I know that day was going to affect my entire career and a turning points in my decision in becoming a firefighter,” said Burns.

the memorial is there for everyone to honor and remember those who gave their lives for freedom.

North Dakotans will be able to see the exhibit from noon to 7 p.m. everyday at no cost.

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