Correction: We erroneously misspelled Krista Schafer’s name. We have updated her name to the correct spelling below.

During a time of self-isolation, women may become less confident or motivated to get healthier.

Krista Schafer, owner of “Jezmirizing,” specializes in reiki and pole fitness and is working to bring confidence back into young women’s lives.

Schafer said, “Reiki is a Japanese regimen that promotes healing within the body based on chakras.”

She says her goal is to care for her client’s mind, body and souls.

During the pandemic, she found that women were doubtful and found themselves stuck overthinking nearly everything.

She said, “I want you to give it all you got, even if you slide down 30 times, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that your heart and you showed up for yourself.”

Schafer says pole has a negative connotation in North Dakota by some.

“North Dakota yes, as a small-town girl a lot of people think there’s a border that you can’t but you can, It helps you learn a lot of things. It helps you learn how to dance, it helps you get fit, it helps you get well,” she said.

But clients like Molly Fetzer, who has been coming to the center for about two and a half years, says she appreciates the work Schafer does.

She also does reiki which she says helps her with emotional release and explains her feelings.

Fetzer said, “Loving myself more, she works well with positive affirmations.”

Fetzer explained that she has never had anyone to teach her about some of this.

And looking back, during the pandemic “Jezmirizing” really was her safe place.

“I’m a CNA too, so I like work in the health care, and we got hit hard when the pandemic first started, so coming to Krista definitely helped an emotional release,” Fetzer said.

Schafer said, “Sometimes people think so hard on a process this happens, and this happened after the pandemic now as well, as people are thinking so hard on many many things that you get stuck and then you’re just standing there. So what we do is I help you, so I do, we moderate. We do a few little different exercises we do a few little different things that help you build that strength, build up that confidence so that you can get up on the pole you can pull yourself up just a little bit, you can wrap yourself around just a little, even if it’s like I’m talking three inches off the ground its enough to give you enough confidence to show you, you can do this you just did it.”

Schafer says her goals are to prepare for her upcoming monthly mini-retreats.