A Family Affair This Election

Election day is less than one week away.
New faces are vying for the opportunity to help make decisions for North Dakota with a seat in the state legislature.
Jennifer Kleen tells us about three campaigns taking place under one name.

(Sue Rintoul, (D) Candidate for District 38, Minot) “You can sit on your hands or you can be a voice.”
(Heidi Rintoul, (D) Candidate for District 40, Minot) “We discussed how District 38 was running unopposed and we discussed how that was a sin against democracy.”
(Sue Rintoul) “38 is running unopposed. This is America.”
(Heidi Rintoul) “You have to at least give people a choice.”
(Sue Rintoul) “I have a big speech. My parents came over from the old country for democracy. I gave them my speech and I said, I’m running. To which Richard said…
(Richard Rintoul, (D) Candidate for District 38, Minot) “Put me in too.”
(Jennifer Kleen, KX News) That’s how the races in two legislative districts in Minot became a family affair.
(Heidi Rintoul) “Usually you follow in your parents’ footsteps so this seemed a little reverse, but I also know that I come from them. You guys know this. If I know it, you know it.”
(Sue Rintoul) “We’re used to campaigning for her.”
(Kleen) This is the third campaign for Heidi Rintoul.
(Heidi Rintoul) “If anything, I was born for politics. I’m the fourth of eight kids. I’ve had to work the party line within my own family.”
(Sue Rintoul) “Heidi would actually watch C-Span from the time she was four, I know.”
(Kleen) This year, when a neighboring district had no democrat options, she recruited her parents.
(Heidi Rintoul) “That’s what it boils down to is that people should have a choice. That’s the way our constitution is.”
(Richard Rintoul) “Spreading our name around anyway.” (Heidi Rintoul) “That wasn’t the intention but that’s how it turned out.”
(Sue Rintoul) “My van is still just a regular campaign truck. With the three of us it’s been really fun.”
(Kleen) For the Rintouls, in campaigning for the state legislature, they’re learning more about each other and themselves.
(Heidi Rintoul) “It’s hard work. You get to question yourself. People question you on why you’re doing it. People question you, you’re not the right person. You have to gain the confidence to say, ‘yes. I am.'”
In Minot, Jennifer Kleen, KX News.

All three members of the family say they often disagree, but they do share priorities in labor laws, education, and mental health.
And we will of course have the results of the Rintoul’s race and many others here on Your Local Election Headquarters November 8th.

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