A friendly competition raised money for people with disabilities as Sanford Health celebrated its 23rd annual Great American Bike Race. 

Team members take turns riding studio-bikes for 20 minutes a piece, throughout the day.

It’s all in an effort to raise money to support kids that have disabilities, that will permanently affect their development. 

Director at Sanford Health Foundation, Sara Haugen, says this event serves as a support system in the community. 

“Every single year we raise about $400,000 or just over and every year we disperse that much money back to these families that apply for the funding. It covers things like wheelchairs, accessories to those wheelchairs, home and vehicle modifications that they may need. But, it also covers really fun things like adaptive bikes and therapeutic horseback riding,” said Haugen.

The event was held at Legacy High school. 

Last year, there were 130 teams that raised more than $422,000.