A good neighbor

Start that snow blower.

Leo Holt is off to the rescue. 

“Must be six, I’d say six people so far,” said Holt.

That’s how many people Mr. Holt lent a helping hand to, only a few hours into the day.

“Hopefully I could find some more,” said Holt.

Nathalie Gomez: This morning Mr.Holt cleared his drive way down here, then he moved on over to his neighbor across the street, now he’s helping his neighbor that’s right beside him and then he’s thinking about covering the neighbor right across the street there”. 

“It’s fun I really like surprising people, I just like to do it when they don’t expect it and just surprise them,” said Holt.

And a few surprise faces is what he got.

“I didn’t know you were coming home, I was hoping to be done before you got home,” Holt told his neighbor. 

“I owe you one big time,” said Holts neighbor. 

“You don’t owe me nothing, It’s fun,” said Holt. 

“It’s not very hard, especially on a day like today, it’s not really cold out and you know you just kinda go out and snow blow and have fun with it.”

There’s nothing like a good neighbor to help you out when you least expect it.

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