BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) –There are two different types of property tax in North Dakota – locally assessed property and centrally assessed property.
In addition, some industries pay other taxes in lieu of property tax, and “unfair property tax” in our state has been a issue since an initiated amendment was introduced by a group back in July.
The End Unfair Property Tax Committee, led by by Bismarck businessman Rick Becker.
As we have reported in the past, Becker’s goal is to eliminate North Dakota property taxes.
To add to his initiative, Becker was at Bismarck’s Kirkwood Mall today, attempting to get signatures for a petition to eliminate.

He told KX News the petition is to get a measure on the ballot for citizens to have the opportunity to vote on the issue.

“Citizens in North Dakota have been complaining, rightfully about property tax levels and how much it’s going up, and they’re not seeing relief. The problem is that they’re seeing that the state of North Dakota has a tremendous amount of revenue. They’re seeing their legislators vote for things that they don’t agree with, wasting hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars, but they’re not seeing a significant tax relief. And so this is an opportunity for people to take in their own hands and say, you know what? We are lucky enough to have a state with this much revenue. We are going to force the legislature to give us the tax relief that these we deserve, “said Becker.

He says the end goal is to be the only state with no property taxes.
Becker is looking for North Dakotans to join the committee, you can find more information at .