A North Dakota woman gets the surprise of a lifetime after she loses 100 pounds. 

33- year- old Ashleigh Kugler never thought she would look this way. 

“I can’t believe that this is what I weigh now,”  said Kugler.

She struggled with weight her whole life and turned to food for comfort.

“Being over weight limited me from so many things. I mean I couldn’t buckle my seat belt driving around in my friends car. As for clothes, I could not go into a store and go shopping,” said Kugler.

At 19-years-old she was 288 pounds, and that is when she started her weight loss journey.

“I started on social media for my own benefit. Before long people started looking for me for support. I basically built the community I wish I had,” said Kugler.

Throughout a long journey, she dropped 145 pounds.

Little did Kugler know her weight loss journey on social media would give her a chance of a lifetime. 

“I got a message on my instagram account and she said she was a producer of the Rachel Ray show and she was interested in visiting with me about my journey. I was skeptical,” said Kugler.

But it was real, before she knew it, she was flown out to New York City for a complete makeover, featured in People Magazine and given gifts. 

As for Kugler, although she lost weight in the process, she gained something much more valuable. 

“The biggest transformation I have had in a lot this is the one you guys cant see. It is the one inside where I actually have self confidence,”said Kugler. 

To follow Kugler’s weight loss journey she can be found on social media. 

Instagram : (@thefabulousak47)

Facebook : ( Ashleigh Kugler)