A Look Into Why Certain Moments Go Viral

Sometimes it’s because they’re funny…
“This chicken is so raw I could feed it to lions and they wouldn’t even eat it,” says William Kroll reading off of a photo online. 
Others times it’s because they surprise you…
Jarod Hamilton laughs as a man runs through a door in a video on his phone. 
“I thought it was pretty funny because I like pawn stars a lot,”  says Jarod Hamilton.
Even a sad frog could do it. 
“I still like Pepe the frog. No matter how many times they take him down, he’s still going to be in my heart,” says Bailey Schock.
Marlo Anderson remembers his favorite viral video. 
Which just so happens to be one of the first. 
“This was in the early days of YouTube… You were using dial up. So to see a million views on something was unheard of back then,” says Marlo Anderson, Awesome 2 Products.
So from the “Numa Numa” to the recently famous Ken Bone from the presidential debate, there seems to be no end as to what could make a viral sensation. 
However for Anderson it’s not about being one of a kind. 
It’s about being like everyone else. 
“I think it’s just something people can relate to… It’s capturing an organic moment. I mean for Ken Bone he had no intention of this happening… Everyone is wearing this kind of drab clothing and he’s there with this bright red sweater,” says Anderson.
The standard for viral has risen since the days of dial-up.
Now it can only take a few hours for something to get 100 million views. 
Now that technology is capturing everything… who knows?
You could be the next online celebrity..
Anderson would know a thing or two about going viral already.
His national calendar is one of the top trends on twitter almost everyday. 

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