A New-Age Debate: iPhone or Android?

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It’s a new-age debate: Apple iOS or Google’s Android.

RenĂ©e Cooper spent the morning on the technology talk show, ‘Tech Ranch’, discussing the differences and why the two are so incompatible.

Tech Guru Marlo Anderson says it best, iOS and Android just don’t talk to each other. 

The tech talk show host adds, “Probably the most famous example is FaceTime. If you’re an Apple user and you’re trying to FaceTime me and I’m an Android user, that is not going to work.”

We asked around Bismarck to see which operating system is more popular. People were opinionated to say the least. 

College student Michaela Kauk says, “When you get the green text message popping up, you’re like ‘Oh my god, this guy’s got a Samsung?'”

After spending the day discussing differences, it seems those who choose the iPhone do so for their ease of use, and people who go with Android, do it for the price.

There are hundreds of companies that make phones with an Android operating system.

Anderson adds, “Every Android phone is different from the other Android phones. So that’s the challenge a lot of people have when buying phones on the Android side, is that it’s not always the same.”

Apple controls the entire market on their side, both hardware and software. Which, as Anderson explains, makes the iPhone a little more secure.

He explains, “Apple has a much more stringent litmus test for approving those apps.”

He says the iPhone is just as susceptible to viruses however. 

But it’s tough to switch from one to the other.

Bismarck State College Professor Danny Devlin says, “My phone speaks to my computer, which speaks to my iPad, which speaks to my Apple Watch. To replace one thing now would wreck the whole system.”

Anderson’s best advice: do your research, especially when it comes to Androids because there are so many options. 

Anderson adds, “I think for the foreseeable future, there’s always going to be this issue, but they’re getting better. You know, they understand the value of being able to communicate with each other.”

In the end, it’s all about competition for these companies. Anderson says he expects the more open-source operating system, Android, will be the first to come up with a platform where iOS and Android users can video chat across systems. 

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