A new clothing line is aimed to give more options to people who sometimes don’t have many

The Down Right Perfect Collection is an adaptable collection that’s right for any girl, but is focused on girls with disabilities.

“Confident and cute,” is how model Ashley Hanson describes the line. 

That’s the goal of the Down Right Perfect Collection, to make girls like Ashley, and all girls, feel that way.

“It’s kind of like finding a needle in a haystack to make sure all of the clothes fit the criteria, but it’s worth it,” founder Caitlyn Vogel says. 

That means loose neck lines, stretchy, flowy material and higher waisted pants.

“So when you have disabilities, there’s a lot of factors that come into play when you choose clothes for them. So we have them loose fit, stretchy, and some people have motor disabilities so we limit the zippers and buttons,” Vogel adds. 

Vogel said the clothing line consists only of items that are suitable for just about anyone.

“So some of the things we have are adjustable straps for their shoulders, cuffs at the bottom of the legs in case their legs are a little shorter but it will still fit appropriately.”

The idea for the collection came from the Dream Catcher’s fashion show that was a big hit back in January. Vogel wanted to carry over the confidence from the runway 

And, a side benefit? Friendship.  

“I like my friend Caitlyn a lot more,” Hanson says. 

“She has absolutely changed every perspective that I have in life. She makes me enjoy my life even more and that’s why I want to make more friendships with other people with disabilities because they’re truly life-changing,” Vogel adds. 

Vogel currently uses an online business model, where she posts pictures of her models, and people can claim the items there and set a pick up day.

You can find those pictures on their Facebook page or instagram @downright.perfect

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