A new program allows kids to eat breakfast in the classroom

Kids don’t have to worry about missing breakfast at a local school. 

A new program at Jeannette Myhre Elementary School allows kids to eat breakfast in the classroom.

It gives kids an opportunity to eat when they arrive at school, whether they are late or not. The breakfast is free and available to them up until lunchtime. 

Officials say it’s a way to take a burden off of parents and students. 

“I don’t know for sure how many of my students get breakfast at home. But, it is nice for them to know that is available here. So, if they get late or running behind they know that they can get breakfast here. So, it is less of a burden on them. I have noticed an increase in energy with my students,” said Jeremy Braaflat, a teacher at Jeannette Myhre Elementary School.

This is the first school that is doing breakfast in the classroom schoolwide. 

The district hopes to expand it to other schools. 

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