A rock concert is helping the Mandan Fire Department protect their community

‘All Fired Up’ is a rock music fundraiser that supports the Mandan Fire Department.

It was organized by Mandan couple, Kristie and Jeremy Wolff. A year ago, the couple decided to create a fundraiser that combines what they love, rock music, and firefighters. 

“My dad was a volunteer firefighter in rural North Dakota. And looking at him as a little daughter does to her father and thinking how heroic he was,” said Kristie Wolff, the Founder. 

The fundraiser raises money for the Mandan Fire Department to purchase equipment that they need. Mandan officials say there is always a demand for the equipment so they can stay up to date on technology.

“Last year the charging cradles we received were used for our gas meters. They allowed us to charge different equipment. The equipment we are receiving this year is the thermal imaging camera and that will allow us to search for a victim in a much more timely manner,” said Shane Weltikol, Mandan Fire Department Captain.

The family fun event featured three regional bands. Although it’s only been two years since the start of the fundraiser, the couple hopes to go bigger and better next year. 

“They are first responders and are on that first line in our opioid addiction and they are also being proactive in keeping us safe,” said Wolff. 

Aside from this fundraiser, money for equipment comes out of the city of Mandan’s budget and that’s paid for by taxpayers.

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