A run in the mud for charity

Saturday morning in New England, North Dakota a group of people gathered together to take a run in mud, so they can help a sick little girl and her family.

Amber Schatz and her family have deep roots in the New England area, and today they sponsored their first ever Cannonball Mud Run.

“This is just a little different, because it is being put on by a family for a family in need, ” said Amber Schatz, Cannonball Mud Run organizer.

The charity event is for the Johnson family, whose one year old daughter Henley, suffers from a rare genetic bone marrow failure disorder called Shwachman Diamond Syndrome.

She needed a bone marrow transplant in May.

” . . .  that is why we are all here, because we just want this little girl to get better,” said Schatz,

The turnout for the event was beyond what was expected; Brock and Kristin Schoch came from Bismarck to participate and show their support.

“As a parent you would hate to have your child to go through that and stuff, so I think we can relate to the Johnson family, ” said Brock Schoch.

The two mile obstacle course starts with a run and crawl through the mud at the rodeo grounds at Fred Schatz Riverside Memorial Park, and then it leads to a water slide that plunges people into the Cannonball River by the Schatz family land.

Money for the Johnson family, who lives in New England, was raised through registration fees  and individual donations.

All the proceeds from the event will go to the family to help pay for medical bills and expenses.

“Edward Schwartz Construction here in New England gave $500 . . . Polished Dental is out of Bismarck- they gave $500, ” said Schatz

Many of the people who participated in the event said it was different from their typical Saturday morning routine, but they would gladly do it all again.

Anyone interested in supporting the Johnson family can go to “Healing Henley” on Facebook.


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