A very special event happened today for the people affected by 9/11.

Whether you wish to walk, jog, or run, all were welcome to come out.

KX News spoke with a volunteer who told us all about the event and its purpose.

State Coordinator for Team Red, White, and Blue, Thea Jorgensen, tells us the event is not just a remembrance ceremony, it’s a walk-run hosted by Team RWB.

It is organized every year since 2014 as a partnership with Team RWB and the National Guard.

“Just showing our appreciation for the community and those who have come out, as well as showing our love and support for the families and friends of those that were lost on September 11, but also those that we’ve lost here in North Dakota since the Global War on Terror began,” says Jorgensen.

The event was held at Pioneer Park, which is an area that shows major significance Jorgensen says.

The WOT or the Global War on terror memorial is right outside from the Barracks. It’s just a beautiful location that honors those that we have lost that have been killed in action since the Global War on Terror began. There’s just benches, it’s a very beautiful place to kind of go and read the names of those that we’ve lost and just spend time reflecting,” said Jorgensen.

She says the event is so important to the community, and that is why everyone comes together here to honor all who served.

“Our organization has just vowed to never forget, and so that’s September 11. Our mission is to enrich veterans’ lives, so we never want to forget. So here, being able to host this year after year in Bismarck, I’ve been fortunate enough with the organization to do some pretty incredible things,” says Jorgensen.

We all remember that day and how it affected our country and the lives of so many people.

“It’s really just a constant reminder to everyone who experienced September 11. All of us that experienced it even from afar, you know we all remember that day. It means something different to each and every one of us, but just to really remind those families that we honestly want to remember and honor their loved ones,” says Jorgensen.

Though 9/11 happened over 2 decades ago, Jorgensen says reflection is necessary.

“I know we’re 21 years removed from the actual events, but we’re still sending service members from all over the country on deployments. We are still losing service members. We’re still losing former service members, and so we really as an organization just want to continue to enrich veterans’ lives” said Jorgensen.

If you would like more information about Team Red, White and Blue visit https://about.teamrwb.org/ .