Efforts to make performing an abortion amount to murder failed in the House on Wednesday.

Minot Rep. Jeff Hoverson’s bill was voted on in two parts. The first would’ve charged abortion providers with murder, and the second would’ve made helping someone get an abortion a felony.

Hoverson and others who supported the legislation acknowledged the 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade making abortion legal, and said now is the time to challenge that.

“The problem is that we’ve been waiting and allowing a 1973 court decision, which is based on many lies, to hold our states hostage for 48 years,” Hoverson said.

Opponents argued that the decision is a tough one to begin with, and shouldn’t be a crime to consider all the options.

“Sometimes there are more things going on with a person who has to make that tough decision, and we can’t make it a crime to try to figure out how you’re going to salvage your life,” Grand Forks Rep. Mary Adams said.

The first part of the bill, which targeted abortion providers, failed 22 to 70, and the second part, which targeted those who help someone get an abortion, failed 6 to 86.