Action Stage Now — What If the Missouri Keeps Rising?


For the first time- due to high waters– the Tavis Flood Control Structure was put into use.
As Heidi Werosta explains- it’s all part of a bigger plan when the river goes up. 

Many of you are coming to see the increased water heights in the Missouri River, but for Donald Duframe — he comes to the river side a few days a week and he sure has noticed a difference. 

Donald Duframe, ND Resident, says, “Down at the end of the road here… we had a line of trees that went in the water and this bank over here it’s got a few feet caved in.”

Luckily, city officials haven’t seen anything too unusual and neither has Duframe.

Duframe says, “I don’t see anybody getting into trouble. I’m surprised I’ve seen a few boats out. Where they are launching those boats I don’t know.”

After the 2011 flood Burleigh County implemented a flood action plan and Morton County has their own.

Cody Mattson, Emergency Management for Morton County, says, “So we just like to increase public awareness. We ask that you keep updated with the National Weather Service, local media.”

This is procedure for the current river level — at 13.19 feet —  the action stage. 

Duframe says, “Listen to the advice and get your stuff away from the river.”

If the water gets higher — there’s more in the plan. 

Mattson says, “The next stage will be 14.5 feet. So at 14 feet there really won’t be any changes. We are going to continue to provide daily updates to the public and continue coordinating with the Army Corps of Engineers.”

At 14.5 feet more erosion would likely occur and more flooding in rural spots including a few evacuations in low lying areas — according to Mattson. 

“There’s the possibility of activiating our emergency operation center where we would have a 24 hour hotline where people can call in with issues,” adds Mattson. 

Mattson says chances are we probably won’t get to the minor food stage. 

He recently had a briefing with the Army Corps of Engineers and they are fairly confident that the river is going to stay at 60,000 cfs. 

The Burleigh County engineer says that no more action will be taken until the next stage– at 16 feet.

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