Active Shooter Drill Gives Law Enforcement A Real Life Situation


In 2018, there has been 20 school School shootings were someone  was either hurt or killed according to CNN.

That averages 1.25 shootings a week.

Leaving law enforcement and schools having to prepare for the worst.

We’ve heard the tragic stories of school shootings across the nation.

But our local authorities don’t just want to sit and hear the stories – they want to take action by preventing and preparing for the unthinkable.

Today in Kenmare, law enforcement held an active shooter drill – and even though it was for practice – the situation and the emotions felt very real.

Shots fired.

There’s no preparation and there’s no time to react when a shooter enters a school with their own agenda.

“Everyday we think about what could happen what could transpire. I mean it’s always in your thought,” said Duane Mueller, Kenmare Superintendent.

“I got hit in the head. Please help,” said drill participant.

It’s scary to think that this could happen so close to home but the reality is that it could.

“The shooter hasn’t been actively located,” said drill participant.

“I think it’s a good idea to do the training just in case anything ever happened,” said Allisha Britton, Kenmare Police Department Lead Sergeant.

Allisha Britton is on the Police Force but she’s also a mom who sends her kids to school everyday.

“I have 3 kids that attend this school so of course it’s a scary thing,” said Britton.

Which provides even more motivation to train. During this specific training. Officers simulated a high school graduation under attack. Multiple people have been injured and some are even dead.  

Now law enforcement are on scene trying to find the shooter hiding somewhere in the school.
Thankfully this isn’t real.

But, it gives them the chance to put themselves in a real situation to rely on their instincts and find the suspect.

“This is the best way for us to prepare for something like this,” said Britton.

Once they successfully finish one scenario, they continue the drill. Leaving no situation untouched.

“It’s sad that our society has come to this and that it’s become a priority to do,” said Mueller.

The active shooter drills happen between 4 and 5 times during the year across the state.

Ward County tries to do at least one drill a year.

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