A new movie recently came out across the country known as “Thank You For Your Service.”

The main character is based on a North Dakotan who returns home from Iraq.

Alexus Arthur introduces us to Adam Schumann.

“A movie, after some careful thought, I thought that might reach a lot more people,” said Adam Schumann.

This is Adam Schumann, the man behind the movie.

“The reason I did that was so that maybe people could get some help, kind of shed some light on a subject a lot of people don’t like to talk about,” said Schumann.

That subject is the way America treats veterans who come home with scars both mental and physical.

“You think you’re going to come back and go right back into normal day to day life but that’s not so much the case,” said Schumann.

In Adam’s case, leaving his hometown of Minot and deploying to Kuwait and Iraq, a total of three deployments was a big change that stayed with him when he returned to the U.S.

“You’re physically changed. It’s not a mental illness, you’re physically altered by traumatic events,” said Schumann.

But when he returned home for good he met a man named David Finkel, who interviewed Schumann and wrote a book about him called the The Good Soldiers and another called Thank You For Your Service. Schumann found it therapeutic to tell his story

“It wasn’t just about a book, it was nice to have a neutral party,” said Schumann.

 And now, that second book has become a major movie.

“I wanted it to be as real as possible,” said Schumann.

The cast and crew wanted it to be that way too, so Schumann spent a month on the set helping out.

“They just brought me in and let me pick at everything,” said Schumann.

Schumann says that he couldn’t be happier with the final product.

“It’s great. I could’ve never imagined it being as good as it was. It’s as real as it gets,” said Schumann.

“You throw something in the water and the waves go out but then they always come back and we’re all starting to come back together and it’s really helpful for all of us,” said Schumann.

Now, he hopes people see the movie and it helps the community.

The movie is currently playing in theaters.