Added bus stops makes things easier for Dickinson Middle School parents

When Dickinson Middle School students head back to school next week . . . some of the students will be taking the bus for the first time ever.

This summer the Dickinson Public School District expanded its bus stop locations from 4  to 13 , for the new middle school

” Well the primary thing is a matter convenience. Rather than just four stops, some parents were frustrated that they couldn’t get on the bus more readily and easily,”  said Douglas Sullivan, superintendent  Dickinson Public Schools.

The new middle school is expecting more than 800 students this  year , and its approximately 3 miles further away from Hagen Middle School and Berg Elementary.

“We do know that a lot of parents are very busy and trying to get to a little bit of a remote area . . we decided that expanding the bus locations would be a good service, said Shawn Leiss, assistant principal Dickinson Middle School.

Leiss said the added stops will also alleviate congestion.

” More students by buses you can increase safety, I know that at Berg and Hagen we probably had 750 students getting out of school or getting out of school at the same time,” said Leiss.

“Out at the old location, it was probably a whole half -hour event from start to finish,” said Chris, Dickinson Middle School parent.

Another parent named , Jess, said she is grateful that she now has a stop next to her house.

“It is more convenient that our stop is by our house versus having to take him to a stop. it is one less worry in our morning,” said Jess.

More bus stops also creates opportunities for students to spend more time with their friends, and some kids may prefer to get a ride on a school bus than get a ride from mom and dad.

“I Like riding the bus. Most of my friends are on the bus,” said  Thomas, Dickinson Middle School student.

But  Brianna, who is a 7th grader at the new middle school, likes riding to school with her mom.

” Cause I can hang out with my mom, listen to music in the car and sometimes she buys me coffee,” said Brianna.

The school district said more than 300 middle school students are enrolled in the bus service, and they are considering adding an additional bus route to the middle school.


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