Addiction Resource Center helps North Dakotans find treatment action plans

The Addiction Resource Center launched in North Dakota last month.

It’s a telehealth service that matches addicts or those affected by addiction with the most beneficial and available treatment options.

Since it’s statewide launch about two and a half weeks ago, it’s helped nearly 400 users.

The free service is completely funded by the Addiction Policy Forum, serving as a ‘one stop shop’ for those in need.

You can refine your search by level of care, type of payment, medication, and patient type.

There is also a number to call for the same services, where a representative can link you to resources catered to specific needs.

If the best treatment option is not available in your area, the Addiction Resource Center will connect you with the next available resource as well as counsel over the phone.

Addiction Policy Forum Chairman, Paul Stroklund, said this aims to make sure that there are no closed doors to people in need.

“We can see, ‘ok we have these out patient facilities, we have these detox facilities,’ so when the individual calls or goes online, they can find it now,” Stroklund said. “It’s not months like it was with our family. We didn’t know where to look, we didn’t know where to start.”

The service also tracks how many people are looking for specific resources in different areas.

So, if there are limited or no resources in a community, the Addiction Policy Forum can take that data and bring it to the state to propose more options.

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