Adopt a hydrant in Dickinson


The City of Dickinson and the fire department are asking for the community’s help during the Winter months.

The city launched its Adopt a Hydrant app for citizens on Thursday, but this is the third year the city has utilized the app.

The city has about 1,700 hydrants, and they are asking people to remove snow from as many hydrants as possible by adopting one.

They are requesting that residents who adopt a hydrant clear a 3-foot perimeter around the hydrant for firefighters, so they have easier access to the hydrants during an emergency.

Dickinson fire marshal Mark Selle said during a fire every second counts, and citizens taking part in this program could save the fire department “minutes” during an emergency. 

Selle also said the program is generally used in the Winter and Summer months when the hydrants are obstructed by snow, ice, and weeds.

Anyone interested in checking the app out can go to :

App Tutorial:

Link to “Adopt a Hydrant” App:

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