African Children’s Choir stops in ND

A young choir is traveling North America to represent the potential of children in Africa stuck in poverty. This African Children’s Choir is made up of 17 kids, all from Uganda.

The group is part of the Music for Life organization which helps impoverished children throughout Africa attend school and learn life skills. They sing familiar Western Hymns with African rhythms and styles blended in.

As the group travels, the children get a chance to see things they don’t usually see back home.

“Maybe their host has horses or maybe they’re just -at our first couple stops- checking out the washing machine. So, at every stop, there’s something new to see and our host families are so generous with us,” says Janelle Hoekstra, African Children’s Choir Tour Leader.

The African Children’s Choir and Music for Life have helped 100,000 children through relief and education projects.

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