Agriculture Officials Warn Of Blue-Green Algae Dangers


BISMARCK – The North Dakota Department of Agriculture is warning people about the dangers of harmful Blue-Green algae blooms.

The department says farmers and ranchers need to keep a close eye on their lakes and pasture watering holes because the algae can bloom, quickly.

The recent hot weather is creating stagnant, standing pools of water which are the perfect conditions for algae to bloom

The Department says pets and livestock should not swim in or drink from areas where the water is discolored, foamy, or has a layer of scum on the water.

We spoke with one of the states leading animal toxicologists who tells KX News people with dogs, including farm dogs need to be especially mindful of what their pet is doing near the water.

“The dogs can go in there they can ingest the water they can get their coat contaminated lick their coats off and have enough exposure, they can be dead in hours”, said Mostrom.

She adds there is no antidote for ingesting the toxic water and it’s usually fatal to any animal that ingests the water.

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