Aimovig: First FDA Approved Preventative Migraine Drug

Migraine headaches affect 10 percent of people worldwide. For the first time, the FDA has approved a medicine for preventive treatment of migraine in adults. Doctors are hoping Aimovig will be life-changing for many of those who suffer from migraines.

Symptoms can include change in vision, numbness and tingling, and difficulty speaking.
Now, ALL of these could be avoided.

Erica Schneider; 27: “It just hurts so bad and that’s all you can really focus on”

For people across the country.. this is what they deal with several times a month.
But now, a first of its kind drug could make migraines one less thing to deal with.

David Henzler, MD; Neurologist at Sanford Health: “We expect to be using this medicine a lot because we have lots of people, they’ve tried everything for prevention. And they still have many headaches per month. It can be very impairing.”

For Erica Schneider, she’s been dealing with migraines since she was 11. She’s tried nearly every treatment out there, from piercings to prescriptions.

Erica Schneider; 27: “And then it turned in to nausea, vomiting, and then I started getting disoriented and confused. It would come to the point where I was sitting in class, completely crippled over in pain.”

And she’s not alone.

David Henzler, MD; Neurologist at Sanford Health: “1 in 4 homes, 1 in 5 women, 1 in 16 men, 1 in 11 children.”

Dr. Henzler says this is a medication that could be life-changing for so many patients.. and is something physicians were just as happy about.

David Henzler, MD; Neurologist at Sanford Health: “Tremendous excitement, because this is the first FDA approved medicine for migraine.”

The drug comes in a small box, with a self-injecting pen. 
When it’s time for your next dose, they’ll send you a new box

Erica Schneider; 27: “If migraines didn’t exist, I could live with less anxiety on if I’m going to get one because, a lot of people don’t understand how horrible a migraine can be and how debilitating it can be.”

Erica has yet to try Aimovig but she plans to look into the option, hoping it may be the solution to more than a decade of suffering.

One of the things physicians are raving about is there seems to be few side effects… and any physician can prescribe it.

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