Air Force Releases Photos of B-52 Engine Incident

B52 after engine fall off_1522415642940.jpeg.jpg

The Air Force has released photos of the B52 engine that plummeted to the ground during a training flight – and of the aircraft after the incident.

Here’s a look at the images that were approved for public release.
First, the shot of the Pratt and Whitney engine as it was found in the snow of the Clark Salyer National Wildlife Refuge, 25 miles northeast of Minot Air Force Base in January of last year.
The B52 has eight engines aligned in four pods of two.

Next, a photo of the B52 after it and its five crew members had safely landed at the Minot base and it had been moved into a hangar.
The Air Force says a failure of the First Stage Fan Disk caused the Number Three engine to break off the wing of the bomber.
The aircraft was not carrying nuclear weapons at the time of the incident.

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