Airports cancel flights

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Even with no flights, maintenance crews work around the clock just in case any planes decide to depart or land. 

It was a quite an afternoon at the airport, even though it was all empty.

“So we can control you know keeping the runways clear but the rest of it is out of our roam of influence,” said Rick Feltner airport director at Minot International. 

Nathalie Gomez: By the afternoon four out of six flights we’re canceled here at Minot International Airport, but runway maintenance was still hard at work. 

They were busy making sure that if a plane did land, it would do so with everyone on board safe and sound with the latest technology. 
“Depending on the condition we have a variety of equipment types that we use to take care of the runway to make sure it’s in good shape,” said Feltner.

Things like brooms to keep ice off, plows and blades.

‘We have anti icing fluid that we can use on the runways to keep ice from forming,” said Feltner.

Flights coming and leaving out of Bismarck, Dickinson, and Williston we’re also canceled, but much of that was because of the whether and not the runways. 

“It’s just one data point that airlines use to make a decision about whether or not their going to operate or how their going to operate,” said Feltner.

Airport personnel along with the airlines do it all in an effort to keep passengers safe. 

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