NORTH DAKOTA (KXNET) — According to the Department of Interior, North Dakota ranks almost last in state and national park coverage within our borders.

Only 0.21% of our state’s land is deemed state and national park land.

So, when it comes to conservation, it’s up to North Dakota landowners to save our grasslands and ecosystem.

To help keep America the beautiful thriving in North Dakota, the Dakota Legacy Initiative has programs to help conserve our land, whether it be on public or private lands.

Through different programs, you can change wetlands, grasslands and more for the better.

President Biden spoke at a conservation conference this week in Washington, D.C. and he spoke about the need to keep protecting our land in North Dakota and beyond.

“These parks are a birthright that we have to pass down to generation after generation. They unite us. That’s why our conservation work is so important. It provides a bridge to our past and our future,” said Biden.

Conservation is not just one organization.

It takes a lot of partners to do it. 

The Dakota Legacy Initiative works with state and local organizations across North Dakota to heal our land and make sure it remains beautiful for future generations.