A group of veterans coming in support of DAPL protesters are vowing to stand between law enforcement and protestors. They’ll be arriving in North Dakota on Sunday. Now, In an all out effort to counteract — that effort — another group of veterans are coming here too.
Ace Baker says he’s heading to Bismarck. His mission, to show support for those he thinks have been unfairly brought into the Dakota Access Pipeline dispute. He’s traveling into town next week … and hopes more join him. 
“So our intent is to do whatever the citizens there want us to do. If they want us to provide security for them in their front yards so they feel safe sleeping at night, then that’s what we’ll do. If people are stand up defending a certain area and they start throwing rocks at police officers, then our intent is to stand in between those rocks and those police officers.”
So far, it’s ace and few others but he thinks it could become a movement.
“Probably 7 to 9 thousand would be a good, safe number of people from all over the country, of people who are tired of seeing these rioters put citizens and locals in fear. People are fed up.”
Baker added that he doesn’t have a stance on the pipeline issue. He just wants the community to feel safe again.
“Their right to protest doesn’t trump or override the people’s rights to feel safe in their community.”
He plans on traveling into town on December 8th and is not quite sure on how long he will be staying.
Baker wants to be clear that his group is not coming to start confrontation. They will be there solely to provide support for the local community. Our to calls to Morton County have not been returned for their take on what will be happening and how it will affect law enforcement.