Amidst The Cold, Some Blooming Beauty


Schools and businesses, even the postal service, shut down due to the cold today.
But there’s a place that stayed open – and even offered a glimpse of summer.
Jim Olson explains.

(Jim Olson, KX News) “On a ridiculously cold morning where the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are about to match up, you can look that up, I thought maybe we should see if there’s anything blooming here at the International Peace Garden.”

(Tim Chapman, International Peace Garden CEO) “There’s always something in bloom.”

Welcome to the Cactus Garden – a huge indoor setting for hundreds of cacti and succulents.

(Johannes Olwage, Desert Garden Curator) “It’s divided into three continents, South America, North America, and Africa on the far side.”

So, what’s blooming inside when it’s 40-below outside?

(Johannes Olwage, Desert Garden Curator) “These are known as Echeveria. They’ve got their beautiful winter coloring. And we have about 350 different species and cultivars. This is a very beautiful and peculiar plant. Peculiar in that it only grows in winter.  This is the time to see this one. We also have some more winter-growers from the southern tip of Africa. This is Aloe Plicatilis. It is known as the fan aloe, the only one in this fan shape. These are a collection of Mammillarias and they’re some of our earliest bloomers. They have a lot of tiny flowers so they put on a good show.”

Also putting on a good show, this amazing plant that has sprouted this stem in just the past six weeks.

(Johannes Olwage, Desert Garden Curator) “You’re looking at Agave Harrida. It only flowers once in its life. It takes about 15-20 years to reach maturity, at which point they flower, and after that, they die.”

(Tim Chapman, International Peace Garden CEO) “Even on the coldest days of the year like today, there are some pretty incredible flowers coming out of these cacti.”

(Jim Olson, KX News) “So there you go, there is something blooming, something you might want to check out here at the Peace Garden right now in the dead of winter. Jim Olson, KX News.”

The Cactus Garden is inside the Conservatory and is open every day at 10 am.
And the cost to enter the Peace Garden is ten dollars per vehicle.

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