An Insider’s Look at North Dakota’s Newest Government Agency

A part of the North Dakota Department of Health just branched off and became its own.

The Department of Environmental Quality has been operating for about a month now, but today, KX News got a chance to tour the lab.

The goal behind this fancy equipment is to protect the quality of North Dakota’s air, land, and water, and to keep these natural resources clean for generations to come.

The department is now home to about 160 employees.

The Department’s Director, David Glatt shares, “Environmental issues are important to everybody. If you breathe the air, drink the water, you’re impacted by the environment. And so we want to make sure that for the short term and long term, our environment is adequately protected, but still allows us to expand the economy.”

Environmental protection efforts have been a part of North Dakota government for over 30 years.

Glatt says because environmental issues are elevating recently, they needed a stand-alone agency to handle it.

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