Ancient Greece & Innovative Education


From Olympic Games to trial by jury, we can thank the ancient Greeks for many things we take for granted today.
And Greece has been the focus of study all school year for high school students in Granville and Towner.

Jim Olson tells us about the project.

One of Governor Doug Burgum’s initiatives for the state is innovation in education. And that’s just what TGU high schoolers have been putting into practice this year.

(Jared Lovro, TGU 10th Grader) “My group was chariot racing.”

Ancient history, yes. But part of the future of education as implemented by these students.

(Ryder Thompson, TGU 9th Grader) “We did the food and I made some soup that was pretty good…I won’t lie”

From food to transportation to art to music

“If you place the finger holes in different places it can give you a different key note.”

And even dance,

“c’mon, we’ll all learn it.”

the high school students picked a topic that interested them and concocted ways to present it to younger students in school.

“then you sweep your right foot…keep your arms out so you don’t fall over.”

The music and dancing were fun – so too was all of the ancient art.

(Hannah Wittmayer, TGU 8th Grader) “I love art in general. I love making things and doing what I love – it was a fun project all around.”

Hannah Wittmayer made this mosaic – and Kimm Lukenbach also focused on Greek art.

(Kimm Lukenbach, TGU 8th Grader) “It was interesting to learn how they made them with different mediums and techniques.”
(Jessica Evenson, TGU 8th Grader) “All of this art takes place from 776 BC to 393 AD.”

Oh, and about that chariot?

(Jared Lovro, TGU 10th Grader) “I learned that those chariots are not the safest. Don’t know how they stayed up.”

Seems the ancient Greeks didn’t get around to inventing seat belts. In Granville, Jim Olson, KX News.

The ancient Greece presentation happened last week in Towner and Granville.

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