Anita Knutson’s Murder Case Has Been Unsolved For 10 Years


A decade ago an 18-year-old Minot woman was murdered…And the case remains unsolved…

 “Who did this and why?” said Anna Knutson, Younger Sister.

It’s been ten years since Anita Knutson was murdered.

“All we have is a murder, an 18 year old that lost her life and we’ve never been able to close that case.” said Captain John Klug, Minot Police Department.

Anita was murdered here at 2420 4th St. NW, which is where she lived.

“This wasn’t a scene where there was a struggle, where there was a fight or a lot of destruction in the apartment or in that room.” said Klug.

In the yard Anita’s father was shown a sliced window screen which was also the screen to Anita’s bedroom window.

“It was a hard moment for me to see my dad so taken back by something and vulnerable and just like quiet.” said Knutson.

The police responded when her father called it in because he had not heard from her in a couple of days, which was unusual for the father and daughter.

“It was honestly surreal you know you just don’t really expect to hear news like that.” said Knutson.

When police arrived to the scene, they found Anita dead in her bedroom. She was laying face down on the bed – covered up with a large house coat and the mattress was soaked with blood.

“It was pretty jarring.” said Knutson.

The weapon was left behind at the foot of Anita’s bed. It was a pocketknife, a three or four inch blade, and the murderer used it to stab her multiple times in the chest.

“There’s nothing that can prepare for a moment like that to sit in a room and be questioned by police about your sisters murder.” said Knutson.

“We have something that is no longer a fresh scene and we have to rely on evidence collected at the time, interviews that were given at the time, all of that comes into play and were basing all the future investigation on what was initially done.” said Klug.

The motive for Anita’s murder is much more elusive.

“It’s really hard not to see people as suspects.” said Knutson.

“Even though it might not appear to the general public, maybe they think we forgot about it or they think we don’t follow up on it, but we acutally have two new investigators that are going through all of the case files and they’re just putting a different perspective on it.” said Klug.

There’s no person of interest, little evidence, and a murder victim with no justice.

“Her personality was something that should be admired by all people. She was truly a gem and a treat to this world.” said Knutson.

Help — that’s all anyone can ask for.

“I would encourage anybody that knew Anita that didn’t talk to us or thought something was strange or somebody in her was maybe acting a little strange to come forward and bring that information to the police.” said Klug.

“We want closure for this you know, we want justice for my sister.” said Knutson.

 In Minot for KX News, I’m Alexus Arthur.

Anita’s sister Anna adds that if someone has any sort of information to please share it.

If you do have any tips contact the Minot Police.

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