April Brings Awareness To Distracted Driving


April is Distracted Drivers Awareness month and the legislature passed a new law to combat the distractions. 

For many, driving has become a habit that doesn’t seem to require much thought, especially when stuck at a red light.

Alexus Arthur explains the dangers of distracted driving. 

We might not think of it as big responsibility.

But getting behind the wheel is something to be cautious about.

“Driving takes more lives than any crime combined in North Dakota.” said Aaron Moss.

One of the more popular distractions is texting and driving.

“The reason why law enforcement, and anyone in driver safety professions, focus on texting so much is because it’s a cognitive distraction, and it’s a visual distraction, as well as a manual distraction if you’re holding the device.” said Moss.

Recently the legislature passed a law that goes beyond texting and driving distractions.

“Anything that takes the driver’s attention away from safely operating the vehicle.” said Moss.

Come August, any distraction -like eating- you can be pulled over if you’re violating traffic laws. For example, if you run a red light, you’ll get ticketed for that, but if your eating while you run that light, authorities have the right to add-on another offense. 

“We are not hiding out in bushes, looking for people eating hamburgers, for example. There has to be a resultant harm done, there has to be a resultant violation of law, for us to enforce that.” said Moss.

Next time when you get behind the wheel think about the waiting to send that text.

“Well a crash occurs within a tenth of a second and I don’t know anybody that’s that fast.” said Moss.

Or taking that first bite.

“There is just no safe time element involved with distracted driving.” said Moss.

The road is your priority.

“Focus on driving. That’s the most important task you have when behind the wheel.” said Moss.

It’s a responsibility that should be taken seriously. In Minot, Alexus Arthur, KX News.

The new distracted driving laws will come into effect on August 1st, but the police always encourages people to keep their eyes on the road.

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