It’s that time of year again when watering the lawn becomes the norm. We’re technically in our “rainy” season here in North Dakota. But that doesn’t always mean Mother Nature will turn on the faucet for your lawn.

So when you use the sprinklers or pull out the hose for watering, make sure it’s not during the hottest part of the day. That’s when you’ll lose anywhere from 50% to 60% of your water to evaporation.

You won’t be able to completely eliminate the evaporation but you can see it significantly drop to 20%-30% by watering in the early morning hours or overnight. You’ll also want to avoid watering when it’s windy. Wind causes rapid evaporation.

According to North Dakota State University, your lawn needs about an inch of rain a week from either you or rainfall for healthy growth. One way you can measure how much water you’re giving your lawn is to put cups out while watering. You can then measure the water and calculate how much more watering you need to do in conjunction with Mother Nature.

The best times to water your lawn are between 4 and 8 am in the morning. Avoid watering in the evening since your lawn may stay wet overnight which can promote disease.

Giving your lawn bigger doses of water rather than small sips is best since the bigger dose will penetrate to the roots better which will promote healthier growth.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, to tell whether your lawn needs to be water, step on it. If your grass springs back, it doesn’t need water.