Are your digital devices making your kids nearsighted?


Research indicates there’s a trend among young people toward nearsightness, which is where things are clear up close, but blurry far away.

And it may be due in part to smartphones, computers and tablets.

The National Institutes of Health notes in 1971, 25 percent of Americans were nearsighted.

Today, about 42 percent of Americans are nearsighted.

A study published in the British Journal of Ophthamology points to digital devices as one culprit in the vision trend.

“Hours spent playing computer games in early adolescence increased the odds of being myopic,” the study reported.

At the same time, the study also identified other interesting potential factors in the rise of nearsightedness such as the education level of the mother, births in the summer, and verbal cognition.

The researchers said, given the types of factor identifed, more research is needed to fully verify them as among the causes of nearsightedness.

You can read and download study here.

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