Armstrong, Hoeven donate ‘shutdown salaries’ to nonprofits, charities


Two members of North Dakota’s congressional delegation have donated their salaries during the recent federal government shutdown to various nonprofits and charities.

Rep. Kelly Armstrong donated $7,500 of his congressional salary to the Abused Adult Resource Center (AARC) in North Dakota.

Meanwhile, Sen. John Hoeven donated the portion of his “shutdown salary” to three groups: The United Way’s Emergency Homeless Shelter in Bismarck, the North Dakota National Guard Foundation, and Ministry on the Margin.

Legislation has been introduced in Congress to stop paying lawmakers, the president and vice president during any future government shutdowns. To date, there has been no action on the proposed legislation.

Another plan intended to avert government shutdowns would automatically fund government at existing spending levels when no new budget has been adopted, with automatic, across the board cuts going into effect the longer there is no new budget.

Another idea is to continue funding government at current levels but stop funding the legislative and executive branches while there is no new budget.

Sen. Kevin Cramer has previously expressed his support for legislation that prevents shutdowns though automatic continuation of spending at current levels when there is no new federal budget.

Unless congressional Democrats, Republicans and the president agree on a new budget and resolve the issue of funding for a border wall, the government is set to again shut down starting February 15th.

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