Artist turns life changing event into something positive with art.

A local Dickinson,ND woman is starting to get some recognition for the complexity and creativity of her art, and the only thing more interesting than her talent is her story of perseverance.

Linda Renaud has been painting for more than 30 years, but for the last five years she has found a love for watercolor wax batik.

“It is essentially seven alternating layers of wax, paint, wax, paint,” said Renaud.

She said the complexity and meticulous nature of the art fits her personality better than something like watercolor painting.

Renaud picked up watercolor wax batik as a hobby in an art workshop class when she lived in Indiana, but it was a life changing experience that made her realize that this could become a career. 

“I just went in for a standard mammogram, and they said ‘ooops’. They called me in for a second one, and then they called me in a for a biopsy. . . bingo. . . ‘you got cancer’, ” said Renaud.

The diagnosis was five years ago, and to keep her spirits up she worked on her art while receiving chemotherapy.

“They(patients) would say ‘I want to see that when you are done’, and then the nurses would come over. I think it was encouraging to the other patients to have something that was positive,” said Renaud.

Since then Renaud said that her health has made a turn for the better.

“I’m over five years, so I am in remission and full of sass and vinegar”.

She also said that things have come full circle and the stars are aligned, because her art work has been taking off at national exhibitions like the Red River Water Society in Fargo,ND.

“I have gotten in five years in a row, and won three or four awards”.

This Summer- she was also a featured artist at the Medora Artist in Residence program, which she said was a great opportunity, because she draws a lot of inspiration for her art from natural wildlife. 

Many of the paintings she had hanging in the Von Hoffman House in Medora, ND were of buffalo or birds. 

“Even if they don’t buy something they say ‘this moves me. . . I really like what you are doing’,” said Renaud.

Not that Summer is over, Renaud said her next trip is to Custer, SD for the Buffalo Roundup Arts Festival September 27 – 29 where she will be a featured artist. 

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