Art enthusiasts in the capital city gathered to socialize and get creative in a unique way inside the Bismarck Art Galleries and Association building. Speed Arting is where artists draw or paint what comes to mind and then pass their pieces to the person sitting next to them.

“It will be a collaborative piece shared with everybody in the room; everybody will paint on everybody’s piece and each person will take home their original piece,” Bismarck Art and Galleries Executive Director Lynae Hanson said.

Hanson said this prevents painter’s block for the artists and be more relaxed when applying their utensils on the paper.

“Actually, let go of the control that we have over our paintings. I think as artists we often get stuck in the mindset that my painting has to be perfect. I have to have the perfect subject matters. I need to know exactly what I’m doing,” Hanson said.

David Leingang is one of the artists giving speed arting a try unsure about the outcome.

“When I woke up this morning I was kind of nervous about this. As the day went on, I got more and more excited about what’s possibly going to be landing in my hands,” Leingang said.

He used bubble wrap and a pen to outline the surface and will have something to take with him forever.

“Knowing not only did I put effort into it, people that I’m not even aware of I’m going to have a piece of them that they don’t even know that I have,” Leingang said.

This was the first time for the Bismarck Art Galleries and Association to do something like this and there could be more to come.