As Election Night Draws Near, Political Activists Push for Their Candidates


Now, from your local election headquarters.
For over a year we’ve been hearing about one of the more unique presidential races in recent history.
Party leaders from all sides are giving their final thoughts on who they think should be the next U.S. President.
Ben Smith hears from one man who this year, is choosing a third party.

You probably know by now who how you will vote on November 8th.
Just in case, Roz Leighton, the Executive Director of North Dakota’s Republican Party says she thinks Donald Trump protects personal choice for North Dakotans.

“That trickles down to personal liberties, it’s the energy policy, it’s agriculture, waters in the U.S.  There is many things that we’ve seen struck down by the courts.  Donald Trump will continue to prevent that federal overreach and let North Dakotan’s live their lives and be best governed by North Dakotans,” says Roz Leighton

Democratic leaders on the other hand say Hillary Clinton is the best choice for all the citizens in the state.

“She’s spent her entire life working for women and children and that’s important to me,…I know the platform of Hilary Clinton… looks to lift children out of poverty and give them stronger opportunities, whether that’s education or access to high quality childcare programs,” says Kylie Oversen, Democratic Party Chair

Both stress the importance of casting your vote next week,
Which this man will do on November 8th but it wont be for Trump, or Clinton.

“I am a disgruntled republican,” says Dustin Gawrylow

Dustin Gawrylow worries Trump will cause more government growth.
And says Clinton has little executive experience in the public sector

“Both Gary Johnson and Bill Wald have private sector experience as well.  So you get the best of both worlds there.  Are the most articulate speakers people? No, but they’re also not professional politicians,” says Gawrylow

He says North Dakota is a good place for a Libertarian movement, because of such a small Democratic party.

“You’ve got a true opportunity for Libertarians in North Dakota to grab onto the disgruntled Conservatives who are the type of folks who don’t necessarily like the idea of state spending increasing almost 300% in a decade under Republican rule.  The same mentality that allowed Doug Burgum to beat Wayne Stenehjem in the Republican primary is the same sort of mentality that needs to be quantified by the Republicans in power,” says Gawrylow

He believes Johnson will not win, but that’s not stopping him from trying to change a system he says has become a parody of itself.

Gawrylow says the best part of this election cycle is that it’s shown how many people are tired of the two-party system.

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