Asian Gourmet Market Moves, Expands

Asian Market Moves OTS_1537391953723.png.jpg

If you’re looking for the Asian Gourmet Market, you’ll find them in a new spot. 

This newly renovated building off East Bowen Avenue in Bismarck used to be an auto shop.

Market Owner Ruby Toman says this is the perfect space for the Asian grocery store, because it’s in a prime traffic location and it has more room to fill with not only Asian food, but also Jamaican, African and European supplies.

The new store is three times the square footage of the Front Avenue location.

Owner Asian Gourmet Market Ruby Toman says, “People come in here and say, ‘Congratulations. Thank you for this bigger shop.’ But I say, ‘No, I thank you for shopping at my store.’ That’s why we can expand.”

Toman says the Asian Market is the only grocery store of its kind in the Bis-Man area.

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