At Least Two People in North Dakota Have Been Affected By Turkey Salmonella Outbreak

At least two people in the state have become ill from a turkey salmonella virus. It has been growing and spreading in the US since 2017.

An Epidemiologist with the North Dakota CDC told us investigators have not identified one specific source where the outbreak is coming from.

She says you don’t have to steer clear of turkey altogether, as long as you’re cooking it thoroughly and not using the same utensils for the cooked meat as the raw meat.

The disease has also been identified in live turkeys, so it’s unclear whether the contamination is coming from the processing facilities or the turkeys themselves.

ND CDC Epidemiologist Laura Cronquist adds, “If we had one specific source, it would be easy to determine where all of the products are coming from and to eradicate the bacteria from that source. Unfortunately, since we haven’t been able to pinpoint any specific source, we don’t have that luxury.”

There are quite a few brands that have been recalled, including raw pet food.

We have a link to a list of all turkey-related salmonella recalls:

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