Attention Recyclers: Not All Wrapping Paper Can go in the Blue Bin

All the gifts we open this time of year create a lot of work for our recycling department.

Bismarck’s recycling specialist tells us, they see a major spike in recycling during the holiday season. But it’s also when they see the most non-recyclable items ending up in their facilities. As it turns out, not all gift wrap can be recycled. Any glittery or metallic wrapping needs to go in the regular trash.
The same applies for bows, ribbon, and cellophane wrapping.

Galen Bren; Recycling Specialist: “Sometimes its easier–ahh we’ll just put it all in one box, thinking they’re recycling. Well yes and no, it’s not always what we want.”

You can also recycle your tree. Just strip it down, and a separate truck will begin collecting trees on December 31st.

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