Author Is Inspired At A Local Park

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A simple walk in the park turned out to be a big inspiration for an author.

Shelia Kovach would stroll around Oak Park in Minot and during that time she would stop and talk to people.

When she talked to new walkers she learned a lot about their life experiences and she that’s when she got an idea.

She started writing a book called, “Hello, Everyone Has A Story” and it consists of forty short stories.

Each chapter is about a different person and it reflects their life’s struggles and happiest moments.

“As I wrote them I realized that I could tie every story into something that was happening in the park that day because there’s always something going on in this park,” said Sheila Kovach, Author.

Sheila will have a book signing at Barnes and Noble on September 8th in Minot.

You can purchase the book at Barnes and Noble or online.

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